Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Housing Authority’s main office located?
We are located at 13032 Jones Street, Lavonia, GA 30553
Our mailing address is P.O. Box 453, Lavonia, GA 30553

Jones Street is also known as Hwy. 17.  The office is located between the I-85 Interstate and the red light in  Lavonia on Hwy. 17 (Jones St.). Look for the brick sign with our name and black awnings on a red brick 

What is your telephone number or contact information?
Phone number 706-356-8224  Fax number 706-356-1000

What are your office hours?
Office Hours are 8:30-4:45 and we are closed from 12:30-1:30 for lunch. The office is closed for most federal holidays. Your call will be answered by a friendly, competent staff member.  If we are unable to answer your call, our answering service will take your message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Is the Lavonia Housing Authority (LHA) part of the City of Lavonia?
The Housing Authority’s Board of Commissioners is appointed by the Mayor of the City of Lavonia. The LHA is a quasi-governmental agency, authorized under federal and state law, assisted by the federal government and was established by the City of Lavonia in 1950.  The LHA Board of Commissioners is responsible for
establishing policies in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations (24 CFR) and guidance from the 
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The LHA works cooperatively with the city governments of Lavonia, Carnesville and Canon, to improve the 
Housing Authority and the city’s jurisdiction.  The cities do not establish policy nor operate the LHA.  We are all responsible partners that work together to provide safe, quality housing assistance while improving the city and surrounding areas.

How can I apply for housing assistance?
This Housing Authority manages housing assistance through the Multifamily Housing Program. To apply,
please contact our main office at 706-356-8224, or visit the office between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:45 PM, Monday through Friday. You may also apply online by clicking here.

Is there an application fee?

Is there a waiting list?

How does the waiting list work?
The LHA keeps one waiting list for all three cities (Lavonia, Carnesville and Canon). The waiting list is 
maintained according to the date and time a person applies, the family size, and by any local preferences for qualified applicants. A local preference list and the corresponding qualifications are in the application packet.

How can I find out where my name is on the waiting list?
The waiting list is dynamic and does not follow a progressive method. Multifamily Housing is determined by
bedroom size, application date and time, and any local preferences the applicant qualifies for. As units are 
filled, an applicant’s place on the waiting list will change according to a variety of factors. The waiting time is
difficult to predict and also depends on unit availability and an applicant’s timely response to an offer. 

Our policy dictates that an applicant may reject an offer for an apartment for any reason and still retain
their place on the waiting list. Upon the third rejection, the applicant reverts to the bottom of the waiting list.
Applicants are encouraged to have funds readily available to be able to accept an offer and move forward

How much rent will I have to pay?
A family’s rent is currently determined by HUD regulation. Normally, a family will not pay more than 30% of their monthly adjusted income for rent and utilities. Because of the complexity of rent calculation, the rent amount a family will pay is determined after an offer for a specific apartment is accepted.

What is the difference between the “Income Based” and the “Flat Rent” option?
Income based rent is determined by Federal Regulation and based on the adjusted income of your household, less any authorized deductions.

Flat rent is a term that means the maximum rent you will pay. Flat rent reflects more of what competitive non subsidized markets in the area offer. LHA will monitor and analyze their flat rents with the market annually and adjust as necessary.

A resident/tenants’ rent is calculated using the income based method. The resident/tenant is then assigned a flat rent amount.  The resident/tenant has the option of choosing the lesser of the two amounts as their monthly total tenant payment (TTP).

Which utilities do I pay and which utilities does the Housing Authority pay?
The LHA pays for the water, sewage and garbage pick up.
The resident (tenant) pays for the gas and electricity usage.
Our Lavonia apartments are furnished gas by the City of Toccoa Gas Department.
Our Carnesville and Canon apartments are furnished gas by the City of Royston Gas Department. All three cities use Georgia Power for our electrical service. Some apartments are total electric while others use a combination of gas and electricity.

Can I have family or friends stay with me?
Guests are generally welcome and fall under limited authorization. Residents are allowed to have overnight
guests. However, under the lease, guests are not allowed to stay more than 14 days within any one consecutive year period.  Violations of this rule would cost the LHA and the American taxpayer excessive water and sewage fees. It is mandatory that LHA have certain records on all persons living in publicly subsidized housing. 

Once I am housed, can I move to another location or jurisdiction?
No. Portability is not offered in the Multifamily Housing Program. Under certain circumstances, you may be
transferred to another unit within the LHA’s jurisdiction.

How much money will I need to move in?
Security deposits are based on income and will be determined after the application is processed. Lavonia
Housing Authority has established a policy that allows for payments to be made on security deposits but it is required that a payment of at least $150 is made upon move-in.

Will I get my security deposit back if I move?
The Housing Authority requests a 30 day notice to vacate. If proper notice is given, rent is current, and the 
apartment is left in clean condition with no damages (less any normal wear and tear), security deposits will be returned.  If there are legitimate charges, they will be deducted from the security deposit.

Can I have pets? 
We have a Pet Policy that allows for one authorized pet per household. Registration and a separate pet
deposit will need to be established with our office prior to admitting any pet into the household.  Please call our office for more information or see the House Rules in the Policy’s link of this web site.

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